New Sounds Goin' Round....

Here are some other tracks that have been blaring in the background of the PHW headquarters lately. I can’t speak for my landlords downstairs, but I like them a whole bunch.

MP3 :: My Father - [Raise High The Roof Beam]
(from Family EP)

Thomas Fricilone (pictured) is the songwriter behind Raise High The Roof Beam. He emailed me recently and asked to check out his stuff. I did, and here’s a real good one. There’s a lot of really pretty things happening in this song. A lilting piano, a reliable banjo, some background harmonica (I think), and a some hard truth, like it or not, from Dad. The EP is available for free at his brand new website.

MP3 :: Swell To Heaven - [The Vandelles]
(from EP. Info here)

Reminds me of The Ramones. Also reminds me of Phil Spector. Also reminds me of the shoe gaze genre. All good things to think about.

MP3 :: The Sad Businessman - [Company]
(from Old Baby. Info here)

Company, but not Bad Company, this is more like having Gram Parsons or The Dead over for dinner. Maybe even The Silver Jews too if you’d prefer not to just have dead guys at the table. Originally posted over at Songs:Illinois. Well done. Looks to be released in February by Brah Records, under the Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian umbrella.

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