New Music - Evangelicals

Having already proven themselves to be quite adept at gothic, semi-creepy seasonal music, both for holidays where that would seem appropriate and not so much, Evangelicals are set to try out another avenue. The Evening Descends will, um, descend on January 22 via the venerable Dead Oceans label, and from the sound of things may be the first indie rock album of the year to get excited over. Part James (on the vocals. Gimme a break… Laid?…you know you like it), part U2 (on the chiming guitar and anthemic tendencies), and part wall-of-noise experimentation, Evangelicals seem poised to help 2008 get off to a great start.

MP3 :: Skeleton Man
(from The Evening Descends. Pre-order here)


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Wayne said...

I really love this song; can't wait for the album