New Music - Ladyhawk

Jagjaguwar will release the new Ladyhawk record, Shots, on March 4. This first released track has been going around the web for a few days (weeks?) now, and it’s scary good. After last year’s fractured-folk military march that was “War”, from the Fight For Anarchy EP, the new song sees the band returning to the Crazy Horse/Southern Rock-styled electric guitar workout of “The Dugout”, from 2006’s self-titled debut album. They probably don’t know what you’re saying because their eardrums are buzzing like a blown amp.

MP3 :: I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying
(from Shots. Info here)

MP3 :: War
(from Fight For Anarchy EP. Buy here)

MP3 :: The Dugout
(from Ladyhawk. Buy here)

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