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2007 was a splendid year for Team Love Records, what with solid releases from Capgun Coup, David Dondero, and McCarthy Trenching. The first release of the new year from the New York-by-way-of Omaha based label will be the self-titled debut of Flowers Forever, which features at least one member of Omaha’s most famous band to feature a tap-dancer, Tilly & The Wall.

The press release for Flowers Forever mentions a nervous breakdown suffered by main flower Derek Pressnall in early ’07, and you know how those always lead to creative resurgences. Apparently said breakdown triggered a whole series of messy/beautiful/tragic events in his life last year including a loss of faith in humanity, seeing the future, dancing, falling in love, burying friends, and giving up. Understandable then that those events have seeped into the music. Doesn't necessarily explain the naked baby on the cover of your record.

Sonically, these songs remind me quite a bit of Capgun Coup, whose “Bobby Chops And The Do-Gooders” found itself among my favorite songs of last year. I’m going to plug that list every chance I get. Get used to it. Back to the songs - lots of up-front drums, cranky organs, sporadic electric guitars, fuzzy call-and-response harmonies, and some good old-fashioned cursing. It all makes for a spirited, if endearingly disjointed, folk-rock listen, with more than a trace of 60’s pop and the B-52’s (their words, not mine). Check it out.

MP3 :: Beach Bums
MP3 :: Happy New Year
MP3 :: Black Rosary
(from Flowers Forever. Pre-order here)

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