2 New MP3s from The Floodlight Collective

Last week I posted about the upcoming album The Floodlight Collective from Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt’s solo recording project, Lotus Plaza. At the time I didn’t feel right posting any tracks from the album, as I wasn’t sure which would be designated as free and legal mp3s by the label. Just got the go ahead though from Kranky to share album opener “Red Oak Way” and “Whiteout”, so here they are for you to sample. Most of the rest of this is just paraphrased from my previous post, but fans of Deerhunter’s excellent Microcastle will find plenty to love in the way Lotus Plaza expand on that band’s lush, atmospheric indie-rock. The opaque pop melodies float gorgeously in a densely layered aural haze, as the album’s 10 tracks sound best when played straight through like one uninterrupted song. If his contributions to Deerhunter weren’t enough to do so, The Floodlight Collective ably proves Pundt a top-notch sonic craftsmen on his own right, and a true talent on the indie-rock scene.

MP3 :: Red Oak Way
MP3 :: Whiteout
(from The Floodlight Collective. Buy here)

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