New Music - Swan Lake

Fans of Wolf Parade, Destroyer, The New Pornographers, Blackout Beach, Hello Blue Roses, Frog Eyes, and Sunset Rubdown (exhale…I think that‘s it…) have a new album to look forward to - Swan Lake’s Enemy Mine. The combined musical super-powers of Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug, and Carey Mercer have once again joined forces…you know, because their other bands don’t keep them busy enough. Jagjaguwar will release Enemy Mine on March 24 and have graciously released 3 free mp3s from the album - one from each member on lead vocals. Mercer fans get “Spanish Gold, 2044”, Krug fans get “A Hand At Dusk”, and Bejar fans, like me, get “Spider”. Fans of all three get Christmas morning. Those who pre-order starting tomorrow will get an immediate digital download of the album.

MP3 :: Spanish Gold, 2044
MP3 :: A Hand At Dusk
MP3 :: Spider
(from Enemy Mine. Pre-order here)

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