[mp3] I Was A King - "Norman Bleik"

I don’t know much yet about I Was A King - this track was just sent along to me the other day and I thought you might dig it. I am. I do know the band is Norwegian, and that there’s a definite power-pop thing going as they rip through this song called “Norman Bleik”. Yeah, I’m hearing a touch of Teenage Fanclub and Apples In Stereo, like the email predicted I might. Their forthcoming debut record will be released by The Control Group on April 7, and features contributions from Sufjan Stevens, Serena Maneesh, Danielson, and Ladybug Transistor. Check it out:

MP3 :: Norman Bleik
(from the “Norman Bleik” / “It’s All You” import 7” + digital single. Buy here)

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