Introducing: Grant Gilman

Though much of what I share on PHW is certainly rooted in folk and Americana traditions, I don’t post a whole lot of pure “alt. country” music. This isn’t so much by choice as it is the result of a once exciting genre growing up and getting, well, kind of boring. I still love listening to the classics of the genre’s mid-to-late 90’s heyday, but most of what I hear these days just doesn’t do it for me. That is until I heard Terre Haute, IN’s Grant Gilman the other day. Gilman's a young singer-songwriter/home wrecker whose hard luck vocals and twangy arrangements hit the nail on the head. Listening to “Homewrecker”, the title track to Gilman’s brand new self-recorded album, is like hearing someone who’s soaked in the beer-haze country-punk attitude of Stranger’s Almanac-era Whiskeytown and the ragged, fiddle-driven “Give Back The Key To My Heart” from Uncle Tupelo’s Anodyne and spit them back out with comparable vigor. The album continues in the same vein - hard living, poor choices, drunken apologies, empty promises, the works. It's a promising debut from an artist who sports his influences with aplomb, recorded in the late, great Jay Bennett's Pieholden Suite Sounds studio.

Homewrecker is available as a free download if you follow the link at his myspace below. Certainly worth a listen if you’re, like me, one of those curmudgeonly, old-guard insurgent country fans who goes around saying they don’t make ’em like they usta.

MP3 :: Homewrecker
MP3 :: Don’t Want You Gone
(from Homewrecker. Free album download here)

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got it love it thank you