[mp3] Shearwater - "Black Eyes"

Matador has released another song from The Golden Archipelago, the upcoming Shearwater album. Unlike the slow-building, gorgeous “Castaways”, “Black Eyes” wastes no time getting to the drama - electric guitar feedback and terse piano quickly give way to Jonathon Meiburg’s huge choir-boy vocals and the thunderous drums from Thor (yup, Thor). The Golden Archipelago is one of my most anticipated releases of the year’s first few months, and you only need listen to these two tracks to hear why. Check out the Matablog for more info on Shearwater’s future tour dates, background about the song and album, and a special edition of The Golden Archipelago that will be available in addition to the standard CD/vinyl/mp3 versions.

MP3 :: Black Eyes
MP3 :: Castaways
(from The Golden Archipelago. Pre-order here)

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