[videos] The Replacements live in Minneapolis, 1981

“Kids Don’t Follow”

The other day I promised a rash of Replacements bootlegs/rarities over the coming weeks, and I intend on following through with that. The show I posted the other day (from L.A.’s Roxy Theatre, 1985) had a song missing from the ZIP, so if you happened to download it you might want to go back and pick up the missing song. Looking forward, I thought I’d point you towards a series of live videos recorded in 1981 for a Twin Tone Records showcase in Minneapolis. The show was recorded right around the time of their first album, Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash, and, perhaps surprisingly, finds the notoriously sloppy Mats in top notch form. I mean, it’s practically professional, which if you‘re familiar with their reputation, is really saying something.

Of note, besides the cracking performances, is the age of bassist Tommy Stinson at the time. If it’s true (and by all accounts it is) that he was 12 when the band started, then he’d be about 14 or 15 here. Imagine that. The guy literally grew up in the most dysfunctional band of that generation, had an older brother who was eventually kicked out of The Replacements for his own substance abuse issues (later to pass away from said demons), and lived to tell the tale. And join Guns n’ Roses. Crazy.

There are a bunch of other videos on Youtube from these shows that Twin Tone has graciously left alone for your viewing pleasure. They are also on the Twin Tone site, but I can’t get them to play there. Anyway, this is my favorite band, in their infancy (I almost mean that literally), tearing through their early garage/punk/thrash classics. Enjoy.

One last thing - if anyone out there has a copy of the infamous 2/4/86 show at Maxwells, can you please send me a link? I have the show, but am missing track 1 for some reason. I’d love to share that one, it’s one of my favorites. Also, if you have the The Shit Hits the Fan bootleg, I’ve never heard that one. Ah, screw it, if you have any Mats bootlegs I’d love to hear them. Check back next week for a show nicknamed “Puttin’ On The Ritz” from 1987’s Pleased To Meet Me Tour, the “Shit, Shower, & Shave” compilation from the 1989 tour supporting Tom Petty, as well as other goodies. Thanks. Peace.


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