[mp3] The Roadside Graves - "Liv Tyler" (live via Daytrotter)

Long time PHW faves The Roadside Graves stopped by Daytrotter recently for a 5-song session, including 4 from the 2009 Top 10 worthy My Son’s Home. “Ruby”, “To The Sea”, and “Far And Wide” remain fairly faithful to their studio counterparts, but “Valley” trades in the twinkling piano from the album for an acoustic guitar based arrangement that suits the song just fine. The highlight though, for fans, is a brand new song called “Liv Tyler”. Did you know that she doesn’t know who her real father is? Or at least there was a point in her life when it was unclear - could be Steven Tyler (seems likely now) or Todd Rundgren. Guess mommy liked 70’s rock stars who looked more like ugly women than dudes. Anyway, the song is top notch.

The Graves have an upcoming EP/mini-record coming out this year, but info on that is non-existent right now except for what lead singer John Gleason told me via email before he contributed a lengthy Year In Review guest post last month. I’ll let you know when there’s more info on that one. Stay tuned. Head over to Daytrotter and download away:

MP3 :: Liv Tyler
(from Daytrotter. Session here)

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