J. Tillman does Daytrotter

After releasing two of my favorite albums of 2009, my gut tells me J. Tillman looks to have a quiet 2010 on the solo front. That’s just speculation of course, I could be (and hope I am) wrong, but I expect that Tillman has been and is still hard at work contributing to the rumored/promised sophomore album from Fleet Foxes (Tillman’s the drummer/backing vocalist) rather than working on his own material. To help tide those of us who prefer his solo work over, Tillman recently brought his band into the Daytrotter studio for another session (there was one last year). Have a listen to three full band songs - one each from his last three solo efforts. There’s “Though I Have Wronged You” from Cancer and Delirium, “Firstborn” from Vacilando Territory Blues, and “Crosswinds” from Year In The Kingdom. [EDIT - whoops, "Though I Have Wronged You" is also from Year In The Kingdom. C + D is not represented this time]

MP3 :: Though I Have Wronged You/Firstborn/Crosswinds
(from Daytrotter)

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