[video] The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"

With all the various side projects the guys from The Black Keys have been busy with over the past year (Dan Auerbach's solo album, the Blakrok collaboration, and drummer Patrick Carney's debut album with Drummer), it's a welcome surprise that a new album from the Denton duo arrives so soon. Brothers, the follow up to 2008's excellent Attack & Release, will be released through Nonesuch Records on May 18.

The Black Keys have never struck me as a band with much of a sense of humor, but I stand corrected after viewing the hilarious video for this new Danger Mouse-produced track, "Tighten Up". I'm assuming this video was made with a budget of zero dollars, and it's worth every penny. Frank the Funkasaurus Rex has better dance moves than any other puppet I can name, and the song is typically kick-ass as well. If you pre-order Brothers you can immediately download "Tighten Up" and "Next Girl", both from the album, or better yet, if you buy a ticket to see the band live this summer through their own website you'll receive a copy of the album on release day.


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