[live/bootleg] Wilco - Live @ The Fillmore, San Francisco - 5/10-97

Hearing all the great old Wilco songs the other night led me to busting out this bootleg today, which comes from the tour supporting Being There and is reminiscent of this past weekend’s marathon performance in how it pulls out all the stops the band was capable of at the time. Special note to the run of covers during part 2 from The Kinks’ “Oklahoma USA” to Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”. For the ideal front door into Wilco’s early years, there aren’t many better introductions out there than 5/10/97 at the Fillmore. The sound quality and performance are damn near perfect, except that the last couple of tracks from Part 2 are a bit fuzzy. That’s the fault of the old CDRs I burned these from, not the original tapes. If anyone has a better recording and wants to pass them along it would be much appreciated…


(part 1)
1. Intro
2. Misunderstood
3. Red-Eyed And Blue/I Got You (at the end of the century)
4. Someone Else’s Song
5. Why Would You Wanna Live
6. Forget the Flowers
7. That’s Not the Issue
8. Someday Soon
9. New Madrid
10. What’s The World Got In Store
11. Was I (In Your Dreams)
12. Shouldn’t Be Ashamed
13. I Must Be High
14. Passenger Side
15. Hotel Arizona
16. Monday
17. Dreamer In My Dreams

(part 2)
1. Kingpin
2. Outtasite (outtamind)
3. Lonely 1
4. Sunken Treasure
5. Gun
6. Oklahoma USA
7. Henry And The H-Bombs
8. Color Me Impressed
9. I Wanna Be Sedated
10. Paranoid
11. Ziggy Stardust
12. Boxful of Letters
13. Casino Queen/We’ve Been Had

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