[mp3] Sam Amidon - "Relief"

Back in January we got our first listen to a track from I See The Sign, Sam Amidon’s brand new recording of mostly very old songs from the public domain. The moody “How Come That Blood” pulsed as if it was shooting through your veins, perfectly meshing the song’s old time feel with a contemporary arrangement. Earlier this evening Stereogum premiered a second song from the record, one that does quite the opposite. “Relief” is an R. Kelly cover of all things, but Amidon strips the song down from a soulful bit of modern R&B to its spiritual core. It works beautifully, and sounds as though it will fit right in with songs written/performed by the likes of Bessie Jones and Sonny Rollins on the new album. Which, by the way, you can now stream or purchase in its entirety over at Bedroom Community’s Bandcamp site.

MP3 :: Relief (via Stereogum)
MP3 :: How Come That Blood
(from I See The Sign. Buy here)

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