At Summer's End....

These 2 Beach Boys gems (among the rest of the great CD) snook into the stereo Labor Day weekend (told you I had some catching up to do) at my parent’s house sometime after the Norah Jones, Rod Stewart, and Enya. Yeah, I really needed them by then. I guess, like anyone, most of the really old Beach Boys stuff has been ingrained in my head since whenever it was that I first heard music. But it might’ve been that long since I’d heard these songs, and certainly the first time that I really noticed them for being the absolutely perfect little songs they were for a day spent at the beach with family, food, & drink. Well, welcome to the regular rotation…

MP3 :: Little Deuce Coupe
MP3 :: You’re So Good To Me
(from Greatest Surfing Songs! (as well as probably a thousand other comps). Buy here)

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