Earl “Mr. America” Pickens, he of the infamous unicycle video for his terrific country-rock single “Can I Turn On The Radio?”, has a NYC show lined up for the weekend. Pickens will be joined by a small group of musicians for a show at Rockwood Music Hall this Saturday night at 7PM sharp. Early enough to make my 9PM bedtime, if I hurry. YEE-HAW!!

Rewriteable Contentwas at a recent Wolf Parade show at the El Rey Theatre. It’s been recorded and there are a ton of new songs for those of you who are into hearing semi-audible audience recordings of new songs from your favorite bands. Actually, they sound pretty good, so check ’em out.

An Aquarium Drunkard has an absolutely incredible compilation of some incredible lost songs from the 60s. 60s Collection of Scarcest Garage Records was broken into 4 separate incredible posts, each containing about 6 or 7 incredible garage rock songs from the 60s - none of which I had ever heard - and they‘re all incredible. If you download 1 compilation of incredibly rare 60s garage rock lost classics this month, make it this one. It’s incredible. Part 1 click here. Part 2 click there. Part 3 click somewhere else. Part 4 click click click.

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