(Not really) New Music - Sunset Rubdown

Well, Pop Headwound is back. It’s been over 2 weeks since I moved - needless to say it’s taken much longer than I anticipated to get online service hooked up. Lots of stuff to catch up with, so here goes:

I’m going to admit something right now that may be a blogger death sentence: I only recently picked up Sunset Rubdown’s Shut Up I Am Dreaming over at eMusic. Ooooh… I know, I know. I really liked “Stadiums And Shrines II” when it started going around, but for whatever reason I never picked up the album. Now I did. Lay off. The thing is…. I’m not sure I know what all the fuss was about. I love Apologies To The Queen Mary, I and I enjoy a few Swan Lake songs a lot (especially “All Fires”). Shit, it’ll grow on me. “Us Ones In Between” made it totally worth it though. What a devastatingly beautiful song. And now I know where one of my favorite music blogs got its name from too. So,…. score.

MP3 :: Us Ones In Between
(from Shut Up I Am Dreaming. Buy here)

Yeah, you know the new Sunset Rubdown record, Random Spirit Lover, comes out October 9th. You know Jagjaguwar released the first single not too long ago. You know most every blogger is going to drool all over the new album. Pitchfork too. But this first track is really great, and I’m sure not going to wait a year plus to check the rest of the record out.

MP3 :: Up On Your Leopard, Upon The End Of Your Feral Days
(from Random Spirit Lover. Pre-order here)

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