New Videos: Okkervil River & Rilo Kiley

The first video from Okkervil River’s The Stage Names is now out there for your viewing pleasure. Actually it’s right here for your viewing pleasure. And yes, that is a former American Idol finalist introducing the vid.

MP3 :: Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
(from The Stage Names. Buy here)

The Stage Names is streaming in its entirety at the brand new Okkervil River homepage

P.S. - Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands has last night's video of Okkervil River's national TV debut on Conan, so check that out. I love how you can tell when Conan genuinely enjoys a band, as he did here as well after My Morning Jacket a few years ago.

You may recall I wasn’t that impressed with the first single/video from the new Rilo Kiley album Under The Blacklight. “The Moneymaker” was supposed to have something to say about the porn industry (seriously sometimes the West Coast seems like another planet), but the song/video seemed closer to just your average dry hump - whoah, did I just say that? Sorry…anyway, as a possible knee-jerk reaction to the internet’s similar mild to uncaring response comes the second video - the much more successful “Silver Lining”. It starts with a lilting, George Harrison-esque guitar riff and Jenny Lewis’ gently caressing honey-dripped vocals and builds to a soulful, gospel-tinged finale. Hooray!Hooray! indeed.

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