Music Video: Parts & Labor

Video :: The Gold We’re Digging

Back in May Brooklyn-based noise rockers Parts & Labor dropped their critically acclaimed 3rd full length record, Mapmaker. The album captured the industrial strength intensity the band was previously known for, but also sharpened up the melodies as well, resulting in the band’s strongest and most diverse sounding set of songs yet. Lead single “Fractured Skies” is practically abusive in its pounding rhythms and dissonant guitar noise, yet unexpectedly possesses one of the year’s most melodically exciting choruses.

Jagjaguwar has just released the video, featured above, for the follow-up single, “The Gold We’re Digging”. The song is once again driven by a propulsive beat and a virtual knife-fight between melody and all-out noise. The video’s cut and paste visuals seem fitting for a band intent on combining the pleasant with the abrasive.

MP3 :: Fractured Skies
(from Mapmaker. Buy here)

MP3 :: A Great Divide
(from Stay Afraid. Buy here)

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