Moving Day...

Moving Day is tomorrow. I’m moving 10 blocks away, but nonetheless it’s going to be a busy few days and I may not be able to post for a while, possibly into next week. But don’t worry, I’m basically emptying my inbox for you right now - everything I’ve meant to post, wanted to post, thought about posting, and some stuff I’m just throwing in there because. This clears my slate, starting as soon as I’m settled and able I’ll be posting regularly once again. Until then you’ve got this to keep you cool.

MP3 :: Paranoia In Bb Major - The Avett Brothers
MP3 :: Permanent Sides - Seems So Bright
MP3 :: Black Out On White Night - Sage Francis
MP3 :: Our Friends Appear Like The Dawn - Bodies Of Water
MP3 :: None Shall Pass - Aesop Rock
MP3 :: Jack And Jill - Kim Richey
MP3 :: Postcard From Kentucky - Rocky Votolato
MP3 :: Parsons White - Phonograph
MP3 :: Put A Penny In The Slot :: Fionn Regan
MP3 :: Heart It Races :: Architecture In Helsinki
MP3 :: Rumors :: Josh Ritter
MP3 :: Moonwatcher - Amasser
MP3 :: Heartbroke - The Good Life
MP3 :: All Together Now - The Go Station
MP3 :: Time Gets Us All - Art In Manilla
MP3 :: Please Sit Down - Between The Pine
MP3 :: Rusty Zippers - Bottom Of The Hudson
MP3 :: Scrap Truck - Dollar Store
MP3 :: I Won’t Let You Down - Travel By Sea
MP3 :: Moving Back Home #2 - Richmond Fontaine
MP3 :: Paper Planes - M.I.A.
MP3 :: The Equestrian - Les Savy Fav

Hmm…wonder what I’d rather see - architecture in Helsinki or some art in Manila?

And if you travel by sea over a body of water could you end up on the bottom of the Hudson and go m.i.a.?

Deep thoughts with Pop Headwound……

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Wayne said...

All the best with the move, even it's only 10 blocks it's still a big thing.