New Music - Band Of Horses

Oh snap! Nothing to get you out of "gotta unload these boxes" mode like a new song from one of your favorite working bands. Over at their myspace page, Band of Horses has made available the first single from their new record, Cease To Begin, which drops in October 9 via Sub Pop.

"Is There A Ghost?" was a stand out during their recent pool party at McCarren Park, and the studio version captures that energy well. Band of Horses are old pros at working the quiet/loud dynamic (see "The Funeral"), but once those power chords swoop in at the one minute mark any chance of letting up is forgotten. Watch out Top 10 lists of 2007 - there looks to be a latecomer to the party....

The worst thing about myspace is how difficult it is to download mp3s from their server, so here's "Is There A Ghost?" the easy way:

(from Cease To Begin)

(from Everything All The Time. Buy here)

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