Friday Shows In NYC...

Friday night is going to have a rather difficult decision for me. You see, two of my favorite New York bands - Here Lies Pa and Wakey!Wakey! - are playing shows within 2 blocks of one another at pretty much the same time. I don’t know what to do other than try to persuade one of them to go on at 10 instead, but I don’t think I’ve got that much sway. Anyway, here are the details. You should definitely check one of them out (eenie meenie miny moe):

Who: Here Lies Pa
Where: Pianos
When: This Friday, 8/17, 8:30

How: Paul Basile (guitar/vocals/)/Patrick Hay (electric guitar/vocals/ladies)/Chris Sahl (bass)/Nick Lombardi (drums/pilfered red wine)

Why: Because their folk-infused indie rock is gaining attention from fans and labels alike; Basile’s earnest, passionate songs are filled with memorable lyrics and melodies; they just went into a studio for the first time, and the result - “Falls” - was time well spent; and because the band has really grown into a tight outfit since debuting back in January. Plus they’ve promised to debut 2 brand new songs.

Stream: Falls

Who: Wakey!Wakey!
Where: Rockwood Music Hall
When: Friday, 9:00

How: Mike Grubbs (piano/vocals/charming stage banter/all around nice guy)/ some promised guest appearances.

Why: Wakey!Wakey! is a band on the verge of bigger things. They’ll be releasing a live album in September through Family Records (Make A Fist Inside Your Pocket), have been featured on bigger blogs than this one lately, and singer/songwriter Mike Grubbs is a truly revelatory singer who writes songs that need to be heard. Over and over.

MP3 :: Falling Apart (live)
(from Cross Pollination: The Mixtape, Vol.1. Available for free download through Family Records and Liberated Matter)

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