The (Un)Official Okkervil River Internet Round-Up

The new Okkervil River record, The Stage Names, hit stores earlier this month and since has garnered plenty of well-deserved attention for the band. It may not be as sweeping and enigmatic as 2005’s brilliant Black Sheep Boy, but it certainly is an accomplished bit of widescreen indie-Americana in its own right. Plus it has two of the year’s most ferocious rock songs in “Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe” and “Unless It’s Kicks” - a 1-2 album opening punch that’s pretty much unparalleled this year. Find out what the internets think about the new album:

Coke Machine Glow
The Onion (A.V. Club)
Austin Chronicle
The Village Voice

Around the Blogs:
It’s Hard To Find A Friend
Minneapolis F’ing Rocks
Said The Gramophone
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Other Noteworthy Attention:
Blogs Are For Dogs - examines all the “plus ones” in the song of the same name
Wireless Bollinger - an interview with Will Sheff
Under The Radar - another Sheff interview
Jagjaguwar has a pod cast available

There are 2 non-album bonus tracks if you purchase The Stage Names from a digital provider. iTunes has a song called “Starry Stairs” and eMusic has “Love To A Monster” (which originally appeared on the Overboard & Down EP).

For those who missed out on the pre-order of The Stage Names, which came with a bonus disc of acoustic demos, here is a sample of what you’re missing out on:

MP3 :: John Allyn Smith Sails (demo version)

MP3 :: Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
(from The Stage Names. Buy here)

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