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Division Day is releasing their new record, Beartrap Island, through Eenie Meenie on October 2 (it’s already available on iTunes). As a promotional push they are also releasing a new cover/remix every week for the next 8 weeks. The first single from the album is “Tigers”, and is featured below. It mixes some pretty big hints of 80s New Wave with super-tight, slick, West Coast guitar rock.

MP3 :: Tigers
(from Beartrap Island. Pre-order here)

Here are some of the mentioned covers/remixes:
Bonus MP3 :: Ricky (Tandemoro Remix)
Bonus MP3 :: Every Shining Time You Arrive (cover)
Bonus MP3 :: Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)

Mobius Band have a new album coming out on Misra on October 2. Heaven is the album, and if first single “Hallie” is any indication, it’s named well. Misra says: Heaven revolves around repeating motifs ­ decoding the secret language of ex-lovers, the betrayals of quote-unquote friends. It¹s melodies are more dynamic, its themes more direct. Where their previous album still grappled with post-collegiate anxiety, here there are larger questions of control, bewilderment, and loss.

MP3 :: Hallie
(from Heaven. Pre-order here)

Finally, Charlemagne released a new album this week and it’s called We Can Build An Island. Released through Sidecho Records, the new album features more than just Carl Johns. Charlemagne has relocated to Brooklyn (yawn, haven’t we all) and expanded to include 2 other full-time musicians. The result is a more band oriented sound than on previous releases, with Johns’ vibrant folk-rock melodies now given fuller arrangements to sway around inside.

MP3 :: New Train
MP3 :: You Are My Diary
MP3 :: 8x10
(from We Can Build An Island. Buy here)

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