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That recent compilation An Aquarium Drunkard featured called the 60s Collection of Scarcest Garage Records has really gotten me into a garage rock kick. Besides going through that 26 song playlist about a dozen times over the past 2 weeks I’ve been browsing around the internets looking for more great stuff that would fit in. Here’s some things I found.

The Seeds (nearly) lost classic self-titled record from 1966 has been something on my radar for a while, but I was only recently inspired to look into it further. Man am I glad that I did. A reviewer on eMusic calls The Seeds “the greatest garage band of the 60s” and after listening to the album I may have to agree. If you enjoyed AAD’s recent posts do yourself a favor and check this record out.
MP3 :: Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
MP3 :: Pushin’ Too Hard
(from The Seeds. Buy here)
I’ve been seeing posts about The Black Lips around the blogosphere for weeks (months? years?) now, but for some reason (maybe their somewhat uninspired band name) was ignoring them. My bad. I checked out a few tracks last week and was very pleasantly surprised. Their sound is clearly in the 60s garage band tradition, with a strong alt. country leaning as well. Their new record, Good Bad Not Evil, has been out for a few weeks now and is available through Vice Records. It’s full of fuzzed-out songs that don’t so much imitate garage rock as channel it.

MP3 :: Cold Hands
MP3 :: O Katrina
(from Good Bad Not Evil. Buy here)
And in case you missed my post from a few months back on New York’s The Cummies, let me bring you up to speed (or refresh your memory). The Cummies do indeed sound inspired by the great garage bands of yore, with equal parts of The Stooges and early Nirvana/Sub Pop stuff mixed in as well. The band is currently working on new material - with plans to record and release a full length album in the not-so-distant future. Here’s a song from earlier this year:
MP3 :: White Radio
(from The Cummies EP. Buy here)

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