New Music: The Cave Singers

PHW has officially, until Wednesday, exceeded its bandwidth for the month. Guess that's what I get for posting about Radiohead. Sorry, I’d do something about it if I could. If you see an mp3 in an older post that you'd like to sample come back later in the week after we get our bandages fixed. For the time being I’ll be hosting mp3s linked from outside sources, which is good because it gives me the chance to write about some bands that I’ve been enjoying lately that I haven’t yet explored their music further than the tracks that are floating around other blogs.

This song by The Cave Singers has been slowly growing on me since I first came across it a few weeks ago. Vocally, lead singer Peter Quirk sounds to me like he was named by a fortune teller. He has one of those drunk-on-helium voices that bloggers like myself jump to label ‘quirky’ on first listen. Actually, Quirk reminds me of Michael Nau of Page France - vocally and because of the kaleidoscope take on folk-rock the bands both employ. It’s hard to make out exactly what Quirk is getting on about here, but the shuffle beat and chiming guitars do some beautiful speaking for themselves. His words escape in and out of the mix, images surface more than concrete, linear ideas until the band falls out entirely at about the three and a half minute mark, leaving just an acoustic guitar and that voice singing about shadows and flowers behind billboards. When the band rejoins it is aided by a mournful horn, another element that makes this pretty little sad song sound much bigger than it has the right to.

“Seeds of Night” was the first legally released mp3 from Invitation Songs - their debut album that came out late last month via Matador.

MP3 :: Seeds of Night
(from Invitation Songs. Buy here)

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