New Music - Division Day cover "Plowed"

Division Day’s recent Beartrap Island has been a real grower for me over the past few weeks. As you may have heard the band has been releasing previously unheard covers and remixes every week for the past month or so to help promote the album. The most recent one to find my inbox is this cover of “Plowed” by long since forgotten mid-90s grunge latecomers Sponge. I’ll have to admit that that first Sponge album, with this song, “Rotting Pinata”, and “Molly”, was quite the guilty pleasure in college. Hearing Division Day turn it from an alt-rock anthem into burbling electronic maelstrom was a fun listen today. Check it out, as well as other recent covers/remixes.

MP3 :: Plowed (Sponge cover)

MP3 :: Every Shining Time You Arrive (cover)
MP3 :: Ricky (Tandemoro Remix)
MP3 :: Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
MP3 :: Reversible (Ginormous Remix)

MP3 :: Tigers
(from Beartrap Island. Buy here)

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And here is the video for “Tigers”:


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