PHW Exclusive! New Music - Tunnel Motor

I was recently in touch with Andy from the Brooklyn-based Tunnel Motor who passed on word that the band is set to release a brand new EP called Substantial Ranch. And, of course, with everything from 80h Records, Tunnel Motor’s own web-based label, the EP will be available for free download in its entirety at the website.

A lot can and has been said recently about the way Radiohead went about their business a few weeks ago, but for every In Rainbows there are countless bands without that name recognition who are trying similar tactics to get their music heard. Most of them suck big-time though. Not so with Tunnel Motor. This is a band that writes catchy, driving Americana styled rock n’ roll - a little bit Guided By Voices, a little bit Mike Cooley-led Drive-By Truckers - and releases their songs for free, with the hope that a fan-base will grow out of respect for a band that obviously isn’t in it for the money.

Substantial Ranch is basically a work in progress. The band plans to record the follow-up to last year’s With Fins in the coming months and a few of these songs may turn up again on whatever comes of those sessions. For now we’re left with 5 tracks that rock, roll, spit, sway, swear, rip, cut, bleed, and groove. I wish these guys would quit their day jobs, but I guess that’s up to you….

MP3 :: Oh Hell
MP3 :: I Don’t Think
MP3 :: Hatchet Head Blues
MP3 :: Geiger
MP3 :: In The City
(from Substantial Ranch. You can’t buy it. So if you like it, see them live for cryin’ out loud)

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David said...

I hear you on the Cooley DBT influence.

I'd also throw in some Anodyne-era, Tweedy-track Tupelo in there, especially on "Oh Hell."

James said...

I can hear that. Good call David.