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The brand new Marah EP, Can’t Take It With You, was digitally released this week (iTunes, eMusic, you know) proving the title entirely un-prophetic, as you can now purchase it and take it with you everywhere you go on one of those little electronic things that fits in your pocket. The EP is the precursor to Angels of Destruction, which will be released via YepRoc Records in early 2008. It will be Marah’s first full-length album since 2005’s If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry, and 6th proper.

Starting off as a sort of honky-tonk shuffle and featuring finger-picked banjo, the title track really takes off at the chorus, which echoes “Point Breeze” by using “seeing the light” as a starting point. Dave Bielenko’s voice is still a beautifully rasping instrument - an unhealthy mix of cigarette smoke and late nights - but has grown smoother over the years. It sounds right at home snuggling up to the street-procession horn section that joins it. Sonically, “Can’t Take It With You” may most closely resemble a more refined and soulful version of the horn-fueled, ragged folk-rock of “Fever” from their debut Let’s Cut The Crap And Hook Up Later On Tonight. As fine a compliment as one could bestow.

MP3 :: Can’t Take It With You
(from Can’t Take It With You EP. Buy here)

Stream :: Can’t Take It With You EP
If you’ve never caught Marah live (or celebrated Christmas with them) you have no idea what you’re missing. Full Christmas Extravaganza shows:

12/7 - Theatre of the Living Arts. Philadelphia
12/8 - The Bowery Ballroom. New York

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