New Video: Earl Pickens, "I Know What You Want"

What do you get when you cross hotcakes, the Lewisburg PA High School Track & Field team, and a group of guys ordering milk at a bar? Not much probably. But add in a life size version of the cover art of the Earl Pickens’ EP Turn On The Radio with cut-out holes for the country rock maestro himself and you’ve (once again) got homemade music video magic. Earl followed up his previous video entries this week with a new one for the latest single, “I Know What You Want”. It’s pure wholesome goodness (and a little tongue-in-cheek self-promotion) with more than one guaranteed laugh, not to mention some pretty sweet Rickenbacker 12-string electric guitar and a killer melody to boot.

Stream :: Can I Turn On The Radio?/ So Wild
(from Turn On The Radio. Buy here)

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