New Music: Pet Politics

Here’s a great new song straight from that other center of the music universe (the one that isn’t Brooklyn or Austin). Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden and recording under the Pet Politics moniker, Magnus Larsson lovingly crafts dreamy, lo-fi indie-pop for a label called The Great Pop Supplement. He has recently released a very limited edition 7” EP for the label with a song called “The Spring” as the A-Side (streaming at his myspace), and this track, “Taken Away By Aliens”, as the b-side. The track makes me stop wondering what would have happened had Ray Davies (circa 1968) recorded with Robert Pollard (circa 1994). It’s a whimsical tale of alien abduction that makes you wish it could happen to you too.

MP3 :: Taken Away By Aliens
(from The Spring 7”. Buy here)

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