New Music - Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers started out as a joke - a side project where members of other bands would get together to blow off steam, get drunk, and write some short punk-rock songs. But a funny thing happened. They were good, and soon the side project became the main event. Thus LLUA was born.

Heavily influenced by all the great music to emigrate out of Minneapolis over the past 25 years (Husker Du, The Replacements, etc.) LLUA hasn’t changed its approach since those first drunken band practices a few years back. They still put aside any and all indie-rock pretensions, and make their band strictly about the good times and the songs. Here’s 2 from their EP Is This A Party Or An Intervention?

MP3 :: I Wish I Knew How To Quit You
MP3 :: Tito I Need Your Keys, Nothing Personal
(from Is This A Party Or An Intervention? Buy here)

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