Somewhere Over In Rainbows

I’m sitting here listening to the 10 new Radiohead songs on In Rainbows for the very first time right now as I type. Before today I’ve only ever heard a live version of “Arpeggi”. I’m honestly glad to have never listened to the countless bootlegs that have been available for a long time (years, even) of these songs. “Videotape” will not let me down compared to what they played at Bonnaroo or whatever. I have no preconceived ideas, no expectations, no alarms and no surprises.

“House of Cards” is playing now. It’s track 8, and so far I have been amazed at the music that I’ve heard. I’m not going to be so bold as to say “best album since….” (I mean I haven‘t even listened through once yet), but In Rainbows sounds to me like Radiohead at the top of their game. It sounds like the perfect synthesis of “rock” Radiohead and “electronic” Radiohead that Hail To The Thief aimed for. It sounds like the most talented band in the world regaining themselves.

MP3 :: House of Cards
(from In Rainbows. Buy (or don’t - your conscience) here)

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