Bowerbirds - Upper Air

Bowerbirds’ gorgeous new album Upper Air is filled with pastoral folk songs that focus on love, nature, and the way the two intersect with one another. It seems lead-birds Phil Moore and Beth Tacular have a deep connection with Mother Earth and all of the beautiful things that make it, like, totally the best planet in the solar system. This connection is used as an extended metaphor that inhabits the album’s 10 songs, giving Upper Air a thematic unity to complement the simple, organic arrangements and delicate melodies of the tunes. I’ve already written about “Northern Lights” and “Beneath Your Tree” - the former is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard this year, and the latter is another highlight that features lots of fine accordian work and Moore and Tacular trading lead vocal duties. The rest of the album is equally as rustic and beautiful - truly a set of songs made of and for the great outdoors. I’d recommend Upper Air to any fan of folk music, but fans of Harvest-era Neil Young especially should check this out.

MP3 :: Northern Lights
MP3 :: Beneath Your Tree
(from Upper Air. Buy here)

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