[mp3] Best Coast - "Sun Was High (So Was I)"

With the glut of lo-fi outfits doing the whole “equal parts sun-drenched pop and skuzz-drenched noise” thing these days, picking the worthwhile tracks out of the bunch can be a somewhat daunting task. It’s nice then that Best Coast, the recording project of Bethany Cosentino (also/formerly of Pocahaunted) and Bob Bruno, make it very easy on the garage-pop gem “Sun Was High (So Was I)”. The song’s been a fixture on virtually every playlist/homemade CD I’ve made for people over the past few weeks, yet for some reason I’m only getting around to sharing it with you all now. I think I was waiting for some kind of news regarding an LP or something official from the band, but I guess Best Coast as a band is still in their infancy - trying to figure shit out and decide what to do next. Here’s the scoop - Art Fag Records will be releasing this song on 7” vinyl (album art above) in the near future backed by 2 other songs - “So Gone” (streaming at myspace) and “That’s The Way Boys Are”. More news when it comes, for now just enjoy one of the summer’s best jams.

MP3 :: Sun Was High (So Was I)
(from Best Coast 7”. Buy here)

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