Spoon release new single - "Got Nuffin"

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Spoon tried to pull one over on the internet (nice try, but seriously) and sneak a little 3-song EP unto the world with no one knowing until release day. Well, they almost succeeded. News of Got Nuffin started spreading late last week, but what I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere was this little tidbid over at the Merge site: “Spoon will return to its birthplace to commandeer Austin’s Stubbs Amphitheater July 9, 10 and 11 for SPOONX3, which will feature the live debut of new material from the band’s forthcoming album”. Um, shit yeah. I kinda liked Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. No word yet on a release date or track list, but you can be sure when there is you can read about it here a few days after you've read about it in other places.

Got Nuffin is more of a single than an EP, but whatever. The b-sides are “Tweakers”, a noisy, rhythmic (and rather pointless) instrumental, and a jagged rocker called “Stroke Their Brains”. The highlight though is definitely the title track. “Got Nuffin” is Spoon getting back to basics with a tense, razor sharp rock song like the days of old (sounds a bit like “Jonathon Fisk”, but not too much). Listen:

Stream :: Got Nuffin
(from Got Nuffin. Buy here)

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