Dinosaur Jr. - Farm

Whether or not the middle-aged slackers of Dinosaur Jr. performed their own stunts for the “Over It” video is debatable, but what’s not is how awesome it is to have the band back in peak form. 2007’s Beyond was a huge surprise after however many years it had been since the original DJr. lineup played together, not to mention how long it had been since Mascis had released something worthwhile. The 60-minute Farm goes a long way to prove the band’s second coming was no fluke. Mascis’ vocals are as drowsy, his guitar as wicked (you‘ll lose count of the solos by track 4), and the band as tight as ever - and the songs themselves are top notch throughout. People tend to lean towards the classic early run of albums (You’re Living All Over Me & Bug specifically) when talking about the band at their best, but I’ve always had a soft spot for Where You Been, and Farm gloriously recaptures a lot of that album’s huge rock sound. Farm is not their most diverse album (there are a lot of 4-6 minute mid-tempo crunchers), but it sure is a rip hearing these guys rock like the past 20 years never happened.

MP3 :: I Want You To Know
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