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Bruce W. Derr, one of the most prolific songwriters in all of Lewisburg, PA, has recently released Python, his second new album of 2009. This is following a 2008 in which Derr was a part of three top-notch records - his own The Time of Day and Mr. Personality and as co-front man with Earl Pickens on The Sweetbriars’ Please Pass the Revolution! Python follows the acoustic Sigh by just a few months (not to mention an EP called Weeds that is comprised of leftovers from the fruitful Python sessions), and while there are a handful of quieter moments scattered throughout the new one, for the most part Derr seems intent to rock out like nobody’s business. With their wordy, earnest sentiments and brash electric guitar-driven arrangements, “The Show Goes On” and “I Can’t Take Any More Of It” are both fine introductions to the type of gutsy, heart-on-his-sleeve homemade rock & roll Derr has been bashing out for a while now. Get some.

MP3 :: The Show Goes On
MP3 :: I Can’t Take It Any More Of It
(from Python. Buy here)

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ev said...

Nicely said. Phenomenal songwriting.