[mp3] Capgun Coup - "Sitting On The Sidewalk"

A few weeks ago I tipped you off to the blazing first single from Maudlin, the brand new sophomore record from Capgun Coup. “Bad Bands” showcased the charmingly fuzzed-out garage-punk side of the band, but fans of 2007‘s Brought To You By Nebraskfish know there’s more than that to these guys. The newest single, “Sitting On The Sidewalk” offers a glimpse at the other side of the Omaha collective - the side that has a fetish for mid-60’s Dylan when he was just starting to plug in and let loose (think of the half of Bringing It All Back Home that fits that description). I’ve only given one cursory listen to the entire album, but I’m really digging these first two freely released tracks and will be spending some quality time with Maudlin in the very near future.

MP3 :: Sitting On The Sidewalk
MP3 :: Bad Bands
(from Maudlin. Buy here)

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