[mp3] Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - "Even Heroes Have To Die"

Somebody over at the Matablog is pretty psyched for The Brutalist Bricks, the forthcoming 5th full-length record from Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. They said it’s “one of those career-defining, ‘can you believe what you’re hearing?’ kinda records that makes most other activity the day you first play it nearly impossible (in other words, we’re suggesting you shower before you open the package)”. Granted they’re trying to move units, but the melodic surge of “Even Heroes Have To Die” sounds promising enough to maybe make you believe. After all, Ted already made an album that good. It‘s called Hearts of Oak and it is, if you’re into ranking these types of things, my 40th favorite album of the past ten years. The Brutalist Bricks drops March 9 on the band’s new home - Matador Records.

MP3 :: Even Heroes Have To Die
(from The Brutalist Bricks. Info here)

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