Spoon to release Transference in January

With all my focus last week on running my list of favorite albums of the decade I didn’t really pay much attention to other stuff going on in the music world. So, there’s some catching up to do this week. First off is the best news I’ve heard in a while - Spoon will be releasing their 7th studio album on January 23, and it’s called Transference. Once again Merge Records has the honors. Street date is January 25. Tracklist and behind-the-scenes video clip (sounds pretty rawkin’!) at Spoon’s website.

In other noteworthy Spoon news, the band have made their first 4 albums digitally available through their website for the first time (for cheap). You’ll also find a free live version of Girls Can Tell highlight “Everything Hits At Once” there (check the bonus section). Look for it all HERE.

MP3 :: Everything Hits At Once (live) (follow link)

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