Shearwater to release The Golden Archipelago in February

With Spoon, Beach House, Interpol, Vampire Weekend, Four Tet, The Magnetic Fields, Hot Chip, and Rogue Wave (among plenty of others that I’m forgetting, surely) all slated to drop new records in early 2010, the new year looks like it will be starting off with a bang. At least for fans of independent music anyway. Of any of those though (besides Spoon), the upcoming release I’m most excited about is Shearwater’s The Golden Archipelago. Reason being that Rook, their amazing 2008 album, made such a big (albeit late) impression on me. Now, a year later, had my recent Top 50 Albums of the Decade list been expanded to a Top 53 you would have seen just how highly I continue to think of it. Almost guys. So obviously I have pretty lofty expectations for this follow up. Unfortunately, neither the band nor Matador have given up the details yet, but there are some pretty cool visuals (and a snippet of music) going on over at the band’s website. The Golden Archipelago drops February 23 in N. America (February 15 everywhere else). That’s it for now…stay tuned. Also, check out a bunch of great tunes from some previous releases:

MP3 :: Leviathan, Bound
MP3 :: Rooks
(from Rook. Buy here)

MP3 :: The Snow Leopard
(from The Snow Leopard EP. Buy here)

MP3 :: Red Sea, Black Sea
(from Palo Santo - Expanded Edition. Buy here)

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