[video] David Shane Smith - "Actor" & "Beauty Force"

actor from davidshanesmith on Vimeo.

David Shane Smith - Beauty Force from Gato Blanko on Vimeo.

As I’ve said before, David Shane Smith’s most recent album, Cloud Pleaser, is filled with avant-garde folk songs that peer into a decaying future. It’s also his best album to date and one of the better albums by a local artist (um, despite the fact that he now lives 3000 miles away) that I’ve heard this year. “Actor” is the most immediately jarring song on Cloud Pleaser - it's a loud, physical blast of distorted electro-blues that’s only held together by the “I just hope they can’t see how sick I am” refrain. Its counterpoint on the record is the lilting closer, “Beauty Force”, which, with its beautiful finger-picked acoustic guitar and piano interplay, is its complete sonic opposite. Both have been given music videos that perfectly suit the songs’ respective moods. Hopefully we’ll be hearing something new from DSS sometime early in the new year.

MP3 :: Miserablism
MP3 :: Brand New
MP3 :: Beauty Force
(from Cloud Pleaser. Buy here)

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