[bootleg] The Replacements - How Did The Vomit Get Up On The Ceiling?

The recent death of Alex Chilton has led to a lot of reflection on the man’s career and his influence on the music landscape over the past 35+ years. Chilton’s connection to The Replacements and to Paul Westerberg has always been well documented, and Westerberg contributed this touching (and yes, funny) memorial piece to the New York Times over the weekend. Beyond being the subject matter of one of the band’s best loved songs, Chilton was brought in as producer during the early sessions for what eventually became Tim. Though the band ultimately went in another direction (Tommy Erdelyi of The Ramones, but not before laying down “Left Of The Dial” as well as long time “lost” classics “Nowhere Is My Home” and “Can’t Hardly Wait” with Chilton), the power-pop influence of Big Star became more evident on Tim’s follow-up, Pleased To Meet Me.

How Did The Vomit Get Up On The Ceiling? is a long traded collection of demos, rehearsals, outtakes, and b-sides from the “Slim” years (post-Bob Stinson, ‘87-’91, with Slim Dunlap on lead guitar), which focuses heavily on songs that wound up on PTMM or were not used for that album. The name actually comes from a classic bit of Mats' folklore. Apparently, after a particularly decadent evening, vomit was found on the 20 ft. ceiling of their dressing room, much to the dismay and befuddlement of the venue staff. One can only imagine, and even then. Just another night in the life of the era’s greatest rock & roll band I guess. More info here.

ZIP :: The Replacements - How Did The Vomit Get Up On The Ceiling? (135 MB)


1. Intro - Interview snippet
2. Nevermind
3. Alex Chilton
4. Red Red Wine
5. Kick It In
6. Valentine (instrumental)
7. Run For The Country
8. Going Out Of My Head
9. Trouble On The Way
10. Make This Your Home
11. The Ledge
12. IOU
13. Nightclub Jitters
14. Can’t Hardly Wait
15. Learn How To Fail
16. Valentine
17. Skyway
18. I Don’t Know
19. Red Red Wine
20. Shooting Dirty Pool
21. Cool Water
22. Route 66
23. Tossin’ And Turnin’
24. Ought To Get Love
25. Kissing In Action
26. Outro - Interview snippet


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