[mp3] Disappears - "Magics"

Recent Kranky signees Disappears are soon to release their excellent full length debut, LUX. I’ve had this one on repeat for most of the week so far, and I’ve got to say, it’s some good, good shit. Brooding and heavily-reverbed, the band uses some choice influences (Wire, VU, Sonic Youth, The Stooges) to create a throwback, post-punk garage-psyche sound that’s better than just about everyone else out there right now doing something vaguely similar. Get started with “Magics”, whose scuzzed-out melodies and tense, repetitive buildup lead to some inspired guitar work over the back half. LUX is one to keep an eye out for next month - it comes out at the end of April.

MP3 :: Magics
(from LUX. Info here)

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