[mp3] Frog Eyes - "Lear In Love"

Frog Eyes have released another sneak peak at their upcoming Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph (Dead Oceans, April 27). The more concise “Lear In Love” is just as promising but no less manic than the unhinged epic “A Flower In A Glove”. As usual, Mercer’s vocals (choking every bit of reckless emotion out of every syllable) and the guitars crash around like they are lost at sea during the perfect storm, but here he gets some help from the sweet harmonies of new band-member Megan Boddy. Lots of upcoming tour dates here.

MP3 :: Lear In Love
(from Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph. Info here)


MP3 :: A Flower In A Glove
(from Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph)

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