[video] Roadside Graves - "Liv Tyler"

One of the young year’s best songs now has a video to match. Roadside Graves’ “Liv Tyler” gets a gorgeously shot video, which premiered today on Stereogum and traces the band and some of their friends on a sort of journey across their home state of New Jersey. Lead singer John Gleason had this to say about it: "We tried to make it simple and real, used only people we knew. The idea was to have a girl riding around NJ, visiting some of our family and friends, attempting to play with the theme of the song — which I guess is basically being freaked out that you may not truly know what the one you love is thinking, what and who they are thinking of … It’s not always you and vice versa." The song is from the soon-to-be-released EP You Won’t Be Happy With Me.

MP3 :: Liv Tyler
(from You Won’t Be Happy With Me EP. Info here)

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