[mp3] Paper the Operator - "The Pendulum"

I’ve enjoyed the past several releases I’ve heard from Poughkeepsie, NY native Jon Sebastian. First, his power-pop band The Color Wheels released an ultra-catchy self-titled album back in 2007 that was particularly enjoyable in the way it looked at the world through an adolescent’s point of view. That was followed by the Solemn Boyz EP in 2008 as Paper the Operator, which hit with a bit more force, downplaying the pop aspect of his songwriting somewhat in favor of a more streamlined punk direction. The band’s latest album, Goodbye God, is a return to melody-driven pop/punk, though Sebastian mixes in acoustic instruments and synth-pop as well. My favorites at this point are the sun-streaked “I Get Around” and the playful “Days Of Thunder”. Viper Bite Records has provided the moody, charging electro-anthem “The Pendulum” as a free download, which, despite its brevity, is another great place to start.

MP3 :: The Pendulum
(from Goodbye God. Buy here)

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