Four Tet - There Is Love In You

I’ve slept on There Is Love In You for most of the year, but the first new full-length album from Four Tet since 2005's Everything Ecstatic is just a flat out gorgeous record that’s had me hooked for the past few days. Though the pulsing, dream-like soundscapes of Kieran Hebden often get pegged as electronic (or worse yet, folktronic), there’s something completely natural and organic at work here - elements of folk, jazz, dub, and IDM all working together perfectly. The album is filled with the sort of glistening melodies and intricate craftsmanship that reward repeat listens. Opener “Angel Echoes” echoes Burial’s brilliant Untrue with its chopped vocal samples, and “This Unfolds” does just that, not so much building as growing over its near 8 minutes into something magnificent. The highlight though is the majestic “Love Cry”, which begins as just distant static before bursting into a harrowing, eerie dancehall jam.

Stream :: Love Cry
Stream :: Sing
(from There Is Love In You. Buy here)

MP3 :: Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix)

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